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The Mission
John Galloway
Adam Ghitelman
Kip Turner
Chris Buck
  • Mission Statement: Our mission is to utilize the game of lacrosse to teach young goaltenders about the core values that will serve to lead and influence them long after their lacrosse careers come to an end. Through our core values of leadership, courage, dedication and passion, we will maximize the potential of every goalie both on and off the field, and far exceed any prior expectations.

    Founded in 2011, G3 Lacrosse was created to expand the vision and passion for the game of lacrosse. The initial focus of G3 is meticulous instruction and calculated growth of goaltenders across the sport. The ultimate goal of G3 is to foster an appreciation for the opportunities the game of lacrosse provides and develop an understanding of how lessons learned in this game correlate to life outside of the playing field. In addition to growing the lacrosse player on the field through an array of new, innovative and instructional drills and techniques, G3 Lacrosse also strives to manifest the growth in every young man and woman that has the privilege to play this great game. We will not only expect to harvest the growth of a player’s on-field potential, but also maximize their potential off the field as ambassadors of the sport. Our focus will be on these core values:

    Leadership: The student-athlete will learn to lead by example, as well as to learn how communicate with respect to everyone they come in counter with.

    Courage: Every player in the program will be taught to embrace different styles and philosophies and never fear failure when trying new things. We will expect players to take risks and become great in their own way.

    Dedication: Take advantage of every opportunity that you are given, no matter how great or daunting. G3 will prepare you to maximize your play in those moments if you are willing to go all in emotionally, physically and mentally. We believe our curriculum is a recipe for growth and success, as long as every player is willing to put forth their best effort at every turn.

    Passion: Enjoy every moment you have on that field! As one legendary coach at my alma mater used to say, "today is the day that we have been given, let us rejoice and be glad in it."

G3 camps are open to any and all entrants